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3 Habits for Building Legacy

It is critical during this time that you stay focused on building Legacy. What is legacy? It is your mark. Your footprint in the earth. Your contribution to the world.

Now more than ever the world needs you to make your mark and leave your impact.

Here are 3 Habits that will help you do that.

1. See the Long Term Vision

Keep your eye on the prize. Despite what is happening right now, remember your long term vision. Remember where you are going. See the joy set before you. Your best days are still ahead of you. Don’t give up because of the condition of the world right now. You will make it out of this.

2. Remember Your Why

Don’t forget about who is depending on you. Your son is depending on you. Your spouse is depending on you. Your mother is depending on you. Remember that you’re building something to pass down. You’re building something that will impact your LAST name not just your FIRST name. Let that mindset fuel you. 3. Embrace the Pain of Sacrifice

I know it’s tough to say no to things you want to say yes to. But the sacrifice is necessary. Saying yes to legacy means you have to say no to negative behaviors. You have to say no to destructive mindset. You have to say no to toxic people. But the sacrifice can not compare to the joy on the other side. Keep saying no... and you’ll see the fruit of your labor.

I’m standing with you. We are building legacy together. I’m proud of you. Let’s stay focused!

Brian Bullock

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