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The #1 Key To Building Legacy

We all want to build a legacy that impacts the world. We want to create generational wealth, and opportunity for our loved ones. We want to replace negative generational cycles with new of success in our families.

But there is one key you must have in order to build legacy effectively. And that key is VISION.

Vision is having the ability to imagine the future exactly as you want it to be. The Bible says that without a vision people cast off restraint. In other words they start to live recklessly.

Because a person with no vision has no direction. And no direction means you’ll eventually be lost.

But vision helps you see the future with hope. It fuels you to pursue legacy in spite of the difficulty.

So here’s my question: Do You Have a 5 year Vision? And Is it written down? If so, you’ve done great work. If not, then I need you to write one today! Let’s keep building legacy together!

Brian Bullock

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