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7 Entanglements Killing Your Legacy!

7 Entanglements Killing Your Legacy

Recently the world watched the Ref Table Talk with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith where she described an incredible extramarital relationship as an Entanglement.

And while everybody wants to talk about Will and Jada’s Entanglement, I feel it’s a good time to talk about some of our Entanglements.

I believe there are 7 Entanglements that are KILLING your life and your legacy right now.

Here are a few:

1. Procrastination

Too many of us have an entangled relationship with procrastination. There’s a book we’re supposed to finish. A relationship we’re supposed to repair. A habit we have to break. But procrastinating got us entangled. Break up with it today by putting your goals into action.

2. Self-Doubt

Having a relationship with self-doubt is an entanglement. You keep telling yourself what you’re not. Rehearsing your mistakes. Echoing every negative thought about you. Doubting your gifts and abilities. You have to start having faith in your Creator and in the gifts He’s given. Tell self-doubt this is the last day of y’all’s connection.

3. Debt

YES! Debt is an entanglement. But it’s the kind that all your friends give you props for having. It’s the kind that everybody says you have to try at least once. But like all entanglements it leaves you empty, stressed, and wondering what you saw in the relationship in the first place. Debt is the kind of entanglement that makes you feel good at first, but horrible in the end. Say No More!

If you’d like to see the FULL VIDEO of me talking about all 7, just watch below:

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